I asked my 6 year old sister to name the Smash Bros characters confirmed so far…

Kanye West - Monster
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Kanye West - Monster




when people are like

"omg we cant say anything nowadays without offending someone!!"

all i hear is:

"im too lazy to change a few words when i’m talking and full enough of myself to think my minor effort trumps the terrible life experiences of oppressed people"



"The most likely group to self-harm is black teenagers, specifically black teenage boys, and they’re getting younger and younger in the doing. Most of them aren’t just using one method of self-injury. They’re burning their skin. Cutting. Pulling their hair. Punching themselves. Banging their heads into walls. The mental health treatment they need is not only undervalued in our community; it’s expensive and inaccessible.”

The Wind Rises (2013)

The Wind Rises (2013)